After many years’ working in video art, THE GRAY CiRCLE has developed an unusual style of digitally recording nature. Don’t ask us about techniques. For us it’s about finding the beauty and movement of nature in a unique way. Our camera presents a wonderland by capturing the similarities between objects and transforming one to another, moving sands transformed into animal fur and rain drops into twinkling stars. Our work entertains our viewers as well as challenges their imagination. Music is by Lola Perrin from her Perpetual Motion Suite.

The Gray Circle library includes over 20,000 video clips and 35,000 photos accumulated over a 15 year period while filming in such diverse locations as Egypt, America, China and Scotland. Access to such an extensive library gives us a wealth of opportunities while working on clients‘ projects as well as our own art installations.


NATURE ART Video Paintings - The Gray Circle 1

Painterly water textures.

NATURE ART Video Paintings - The Gray Circle 2

Painterly plant textures.