Es is a Japanese term referring to Sigmund Freud's Id, the source of psychic energy derived from instinctual needs and drives.

Originally created as part of a contemporary dance performance which premiered at Park Tower Shinjuku, later reimagined as a dance film. We filmed in various public and private locations all over Tokyo including this sequence at Tokyo Station. Working with a very small crew and professional dancers we filmed during rush-hour in front of an unsuspecting public to create this highly unusual, humorous dance film.

Dancer - Keiichi
Choreographer - Takiko Iwabushi
Dance Company - Dance Theatre LUDENS

ES LIVE Tokyo Japan

ES LIVE Dance Film - The Gray Circle 1

As the dancer performs in Tokyo station the crowd hurries to catch their train.

ES LIVE Dance Film - The Gray Circle 2

Most people completely ignore the performance of the 'Sniff' dance during rush hour.